Workers’ Compensation

If you have been injured on the job, we urge you to contact Cobourn & Kyriakakis, L.L.P. as soon as practicable after the injury has occurred. Generally, you have a limited period of time to report your accident, and failure to report the injury in a timely manner (or even in the proper manner) could result in grave consequences to the injured workers’ claim.

At Cobourn & Kyriakakis, L.L.P., we routinely meet with individuals who previously allowed the workers’ compensation insurance company to perform a “recorded statement,” in which the injured worker answers questions about how the injury occurred, their medical histories, claims histories, and even personal lives. This question-and-answer session is recorded by the insurance company, and is often followed by a formal denial of the worker’s compensation claim.

If an insurance adjuster is requesting that you agree to a recorded statement, we urge you to contact us to discuss your claim before submitting such a statement. Worker’s Compensation laws can be complex and nuanced, so it is always helpful to understand how the laws might apply to your case before “going on the record.”

As a client of Cobourn & Kyriakakis, L.L.P., we will guide you through the process of taking a recorded statement, with an eye towards having the claim accepted. Also, our attorneys are experienced in the courtroom, and are more than willing to take meritorious claims to court, even if they have been denied by the insurance company.

Simply put, we at Cobourn & Kyriakakis, L.L.P. are dedicated to obtaining workers’ compensation benefits for our clients, and welcome the opportunity to discuss your claim, as well as potential workers’ compensation benefits, in further detail. As always, there is never a fee for your initial face-to-face consultation with one of our attorneys.