Automobile Accidents

At Cobourn & Kyriakakis, L.L.P., we diligently help our automobile accident clients navigate through the claims process, and we strive to balance efficiency with maximizing their recovery.  The laws regarding which insurance policies may apply to an accident vary from state-to-state, and are often extremely complex.  We recognize that the at-fault driver’s insurance may not be the only means of recovery in an automobile accident, and we will take steps to ensure that we have considered all avenues of financial compensation for you before resolving your claim.

If you have been injured in an automobile accident, you may find that the insurance company wants to settle with you as quickly as possible.  This can often be problematic, since the seriousness of your injuries, as well as the extent and cost of medical treatment, cannot be accurately determined such a short time after the collision. Additionally, the insurance adjuster may try to convince you that your claim is worth less than its true value by exploiting your previous medical history, or by suggesting that your injuries cannot be very serious based on the amount of damage to your vehicle.

There are many other tactics that insurance companies will use in attempting to minimize what they pay you for your injuries, which it why is advisable to avoid discussions with the at-fault driver’s insurance company before consulting with an attorney, especially if they want to record the conversation.   We at Cobourn & Kyriakakis, L.L.P. urge you to contact us as soon as practicable after the accident has occurred so that we can discuss the facts or your case, and further advise you of your legal rights.  As always, there is never a fee for your initial face-to-face consultation with one of our attorneys.